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Membership, Meetings and Society History


Membership runs from January to December each year. The cost to join our Society is $10 student $20 Single and $40 Family. Members can participate in all Society productions and will be invited to join the "Stage Page", our Society Facebook page. 

If you wish to become a member, please fill out the Membership Application Form, and send to the Registrar. The membership fee should be paid directly into the Society bank account (BSB 032 824 ACC 221279) using your name as a reference, or paid directly to the Treasurer or Registrar as noted on the "Contacts' page. All members need to have read the Code of Conduct and confirm they have understood and agree to abide by it's terms and conditions by ticking the appropriate box on the membership form. Some members may be required to provide a Working with Children (WWC) clearance number and date of birth, where they are considered to be working in an area or doing activities that are captured under the legislation.

Membership Application forms are to be provided to the Registrar on joining the Society, and again where membership has lapse (after 1st April each year).



Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted) and commence at 7.30pm. They are held at the Parkes Little Theatre and are a great opportunity to catch up with friends and provide the chance for you to have some input into the running of the Society.



History of the Society

Information on the history of the society is available below/

History of the Society

Warrick TomIn a labour of love, Society life member Warwick Tom has painstakenly compiled a history of the Society. Originally prepared for the Parkes Champion Post, the articles have been reproduced below for your reading pleasure. The articles detail some of the highlights for what would have to be, one of Parkes' oldest community organisations, which has featured Mayors, Clergy, Teachers, Editors, Scientists and a future star of Australian Stage, TV and Screen among its members. Enjoy!

History Part 1 - Before WW2

Parkes M & D have a proud history of providing entertainment for the local community over one hundred and thirty seven years, the earliest recorded information on the Society was in 1875 when a photo was taken of ten actors and a dog, called Bill Sykes. It listed their names and some of their professions, but it is not known if they were in a production or just having a social get together. However we do know that in 1879 the Society had a Grand Concert, entertaining with songs, recitations and skits while in the following year, 24th May, 1880, the Society produced “The Brigands of Calabria”, to assist in raising funds for the purchase of a fire engine for Parkes.

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History Part 2 - Revival of the Society

 Early December 1950, an ad appept2-Photo3-Arthur Cookared in the Champion Post inviting interested parties to attend a meeting with a view to reforming the Society which hadn’t been active since before the war. A small group of enthusiastic people turned up, either to hear what was intended or who had been involved before.  Forbes Society, a very successful musical and dramatic group attended to add their support and conduct a play reading, while Bill Pavey offered the full support of the Apex Club with their service schemes  to build stage scenery. The  result was a decision to hold a meeting early in 1951 to elect a committee and progress the Society. The key drivers for a dramatic group were,  Arthur Cook, formerly of Temora and now with the Parkes Branch of the Queensland Insurance  and Lolita Gregory-Moore, a recent arrival who with her husband Barney Moore, operated Overland Airways, connecting Western towns with the Butler Airways Sydney service.

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