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Belinda McGrath

 Musical Director

James Whalan

October 2017

Little Theatre, Parkes NSW 2870

Audition Enquiries:

Belinda (Phone) - 0428 251 294

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Audition Dates

¨Auditions will be held on Sunday 25th June 2017 from 1pm to 4.30pm & Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 6.30pm.

¨Call backs will be scheduled on Wednesday 28th June 2017 after 6.00pm if required.

¨All Auditions will be held at The Little Theatre, Bogan Street, Parkes.

¨Little Theatre Phone Number - 6862 6854



¨Rehearsals commence in the Theatre on Sunday 16th July 2017 at 12.30 pm. (Subject to change)

¨Rehearsals will be held on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings (6.30 – 9:30pm) and every Sunday afternoon 12.30 pm – 5pm.

¨Additional Rehearsals will be called by mutual agreement amongst cast members.

¨Attendance at rehearsals is a commitment associated with being accepted into the cast of the show.

¨Full run-throughs and dress rehearsals will be held during the 2 weeks prior to opening night. This period will require additional commitment & is associated with being accepted into the cast of the show.


Show Dates

¨9 to 5 will be presented during the period 8th October – 28th October 2017 in the Little Theatre . (Subject to change)

Membership/Show Fee

¨Those selected to be in the cast of 9 to 5 will be required to become a financial member of Parkes Musical & Dramatic Society Inc. The society’s membership year runs from January to December each year.

¨Fees are $40 Family, $20 Adult, $10 Junior

¨All 9 to 5 cast members are required to pay a Production Fee of $70 which includes a cast T Shirt and souvenir programme and catering payable at the first rehearsal.


All Auditions

¨Auditionees are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes early for their audition to fill in the registration form.

¨Auditionees will perform in groups organised by the audition team.

¨Auditionees must be 14 years old or older. 

Audition Songs and Preparation

¨Auditionees will be required to learn the song as per the attached lyrics of the appropriate characters songs as listed below. You may not be asked to sing all of a song but you need to know it anyway.
See below to
download the audio and Lyrics of each track listed.


DORALEE - (Lyrics) Cowgirls Revenge

CHORUS/ENSEMBLE - (Lyrics) 9 to 5

FRANKLIN HART - (Lyrics) Hear for You:

ROZ - (Lyrics) Heart to Hart:

VIOLET - (Lyrics) One of the Boys:

JOE - (Lyrics) Let Love Grow:

JUDY - (Lyrics) Get Out and Stay Out:


¨NO requests to transpose.

¨9 to 5 is a very physically demanding show and as such auditionees may be asked to perform a small dance audition that will be pre choreographed by the production team. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for these sessions.

General Information

¨The show calls for a cast that is prepared to have fun, work hard and above all, be committed to the show.

¨Cast will be expected to be involved in production preparation, including helping with the set, gathering of props and sourcing costumes.


¨Parkes Musical & Dramatics Insurance Policy only covers Public Liability and Equipment.

¨Cast members are not covered for personal injuries or loss of personal items under our policy.



Previous Productions

The Society has been busy over the past few years, staging many popular productions.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott


Rock of Ages - Directed by Greg Ballantyne and Angie Fanello
Footloose - Directed by Lyn Townsend, Neil Westcott, Gracie Townsend & Greg Ballantyne


High School Musical - Directed by Greg Ballantyne
Hairspray - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott


PACC 2014 - Directed by Brittni Carrol and Lucinda Auld
Pirates of Penzance - Directed by Belinda McGrath, Christa Radley & Neil Westcott.
Steel Magnolias - Directed by Lyn Townsend.
Australia Day Concert - Directed by Belinda McGrath.


A Very Theatre Christmas - Coordinated by Lyn Townsend, Gail Smith, Shyamini Naidu and Gracie Townsend.
The Sound of Music - Directed by Lyn Townsend and Neil Wescott
Nunsense! - Directed by Belinda McGrath
Raise the Roof Charity Concert - Directed by Lyn Townsend and Neil Westcott
Downtown the Mod Musical (at Elvis) - Directed by Christa Radley, Christy Green and Shevaun Brown


PACC - The Circle of Life - Directed by Lyn Townsend
See How they Run - Directed by Betty Stroud
Downtown The Mod Musical - Directed by Christa Radley, Shevaun Brown and Christie Green


Parkes Annual Charity Concert (PACC) - Directed by Belinda McGrath
The Wizard of Oz - Directed by Lyn Townsend, Neil Westcott and Christie Green
Singin' in the Rain - Directed by Greg Ballantyne - Photo Gallery | Official Programme
2011 Australia Day Concert - Directed by Belinda McGrath


Love's a Luxury - Directed by Betty Stroud
Parkes Annual Charity Concert (PACC) - Photo Gallery | Official Programme
Grease - Directed by Belinda McGrath and Lyn Townsend -  Photo Gallery  |  Official Programme


Australia Day Concert Series - Directed by Belinda McGrath
Oliver - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott
PACC 2009 - Directed by Belinda McGrath
Beauty & The Beast - Directed by Greg Ballantyne & Angie Fanello
Carols in the Theatre - Directed by Greg Ballantyne & Lyn Townsend


The Wedding Singer - Directed by Greg Ballantyne
Seussical the Musical - Directed by Brian Schmaulkuche, Neil Westcott, Lyn Townsend & Belinda McGrath
PACC 2008 - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Belinda McGrath


Joseph & His Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott


Annie - Directed by Lyn Townsend
Groovy Moves - Directed by Greg Ballantyne
The Underpants - Directed by Sarah Hitchick


Post Horn Gallop - Directed by Brian Schmalkuche
Footloose - Directed by Brian Schmalkuche & Nixson Eduard
Cinderella - Directed by Patsy Hill

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