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Parkes Musical & Dramatic Society have changed the way we do ticketing.

Our ticketing is now done through TicketSearch. 

This program is a much simpler, more intuitive ticket sales platform, which should afford our Patrons are much better purchase experience. 

Please note, we have made a few changes to our ticketing:


Tickets purchased on Credit Card will now incur a small transaction fee (to cover the costs charged by the banks).


Ticket prices for children under 12 are now capped at $20.00 making shows more affordable for families.


Back row seats are all offered at a reduced ticket price.


Refunds under extenuating circumstances are now permitted but will incur a $5.00 fee (except under legislation from NSW Health or State or Commonwealth Governments).


Patrons will be permitted one exchange free of charge for each purchase transaction , with all requests for exchanges after that incurring a $5.00 fee (except under legislation from NSW Health or State or Commonwealth Governments). No purchase Credit Card Transaction fees will be refunded.


Gift Vouchers are now available through our TicketSearch program, and can be scheduled to be emailed to your recipient on a set date.

The perfect gift, just become so much easier to give!


We made the decision not to bring any Patron data across from our old system due to the validity and currency of that information so all Patrons will need to enter their details on the first purchase. The system will create a profile and login password for subsequent purchases. We appreciate your patience with this.


When purchasing tickets, you have the choice of Etickets (tickets are emailed to you), SMS tickets (sent to your phone via SMS - this option has a small fee) or Box office Collection. Emailed and SMS tickets do not have to be printed. You simply present them on your phone at the door for scanning.

You can also still purchase tickets from Regional Business Supplies in Clarinda Street Parkes if you don't have a credit card or access to the online platform. 


Please note, while our M&D Website is not "secure", the Box office ticket purchase page you are re-directed to, is. So you can have peace of mind that your privacy and security is protected.


To purchase tickets to upcoming shows or gift vouchers, click on the BOX OFFICE tab and follow the links!


The Society has been busy over the past few years, staging many popular productions.


Into the Woods Jnr - Director Lisa Ramsay, Musical Director: Gail Smith


Anne of Green Gables - Director: Lisa Ramsay, Musical Director: James Whalan 

Shrek the Musical Jnr - Director: Lyn Townsend, Musical Director: Neil Westcott




Les Miserables - Director: Lyn Townsend, Musical Director: Neil Westcott






Motherhood the Musical - Directed by Christie Green, Shev Brown, Christa Radley


Goosebumps - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott


9 to 5


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott





Rock of Ages - Directed by Greg Ballantyne and Angie Fanello

Footloose - Directed by Lyn Townsend, Neil Westcott, Gracie Townsend & Greg Ballantyne



High School Musical - Directed by Greg Ballantyne

Hairspray - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott


DSC 0003



PACC 2014 - Directed by Brittni Carroll and Loucinda Auld

Pirates of Penzance - Directed by Belinda McGrath, Christa Radley & Neil Westcott.

Steel Magnolias - Directed by Lyn Townsend.



Australia Day Concert - Directed by Belinda McGrath.



A Very Theatre Christmas - Coordinated by Lyn Townsend, Gail Smith, Shyamini Naidu and Gracie Townsend.


The Sound of Music - Directed by Lyn Townsend and Neil Wescott



Nunsense! - Directed by Belinda McGrath

Raise the Roof Charity Concert - Directed by Lyn Townsend and Neil Westcott

Downtown the Mod Musical (at Elvis) - Directed by Christa Radley, Christy Green and Shevaun Brown



PACC - The Circle of Life - Directed by Lyn Townsend

See How they Run - Directed by Betty Stroud

Downtown The Mod Musical - Directed by Christa Radley, Shevaun Brown and Christie Green



Parkes Annual Charity Concert (PACC) - Directed by Belinda McGrath
The Wizard of Oz - Directed by Lyn Townsend, Neil Westcott and Christie Green
wizard 10
Singin' in the Rain - Directed by Greg Ballantyne - Photo Gallery | Official Programme
2011 Australia Day Concert - Directed by Belinda McGrath


Love's a Luxury - Directed by Betty Stroud
Parkes Annual Charity Concert (PACC) - Photo Gallery | Official Programme
Grease - Directed by Belinda McGrath and Lyn Townsend -  Photo Gallery  |  Official Programme


Australia Day Concert Series - Directed by Belinda McGrath
Oliver - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott
PACC 2009 - Directed by Belinda McGrath
Beauty & The Beast - Directed by Greg Ballantyne & Angie Fanello
Carols in the Theatre - Directed by Greg Ballantyne & Lyn Townsend


The Wedding Singer - Directed by Greg Ballantyne
Seussical the Musical - Directed by Brian Schmaulkuche, Neil Westcott, Lyn Townsend & Belinda McGrath
PACC 2008 - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Belinda McGrath


Joseph & the Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat - Directed by Lyn Townsend & Neil Westcott


Annie - Directed by Lyn Townsend
Groovy Moves - Directed by Greg Ballantyne
The Underpants - Directed by Sarah Hitchick


Post Horn Gallop - Directed by Brian Schmalkuche
Footloose - Directed by Brian Schmalkuche & Nixson Eduard
Cinderella - Directed by Patsy Hill

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